Sunday, December 13, 2015

Racism & Bigotry

This week, I take a vain stab at reassuring myself of sanity by writing the truth about one of the most stupid excuses for hate that has ever been...

 To be a racist of any kind in the year 2015 you have to be...
A: Really, really stupid.
B: Completely cloistered and ignorant to the outside world.
Or C: Really determined.

 You have to be so gullible and easily manipulated that you allow someone else's 2nd hand opinions and observations to influence and more shape your own. Because even if you've had a first hand experience yourself, there is no way that you've had enough in this day in age to merit discrimination against anyone.
Only our stored impressions of read or viewed situations can be responsible for influencing our opinions to that degree.
Stereotypes are not generated from one persons sole point of view, they are an amalgamation of here-say and innuendo. Usually supported by a mob consciousness who would rather gather their torches and pitchforks, than take the time & patience to sit down and listen to someones point of view completely. "Going along" is much more easy than generating your own opinion after taking time to think about it.
 It's very easy to fall back on stereotypes as an excuse to be racist, but what are you really basing it on? A collection of "He said, she saids" from a thousand different mouths, or overblown TV portrayals.
Thats just stupid.

There are a few glaring exceptions however...
Jewish comedians for instance, find no limit to the self deprecating stereotypes they can use to beef up their acts with. Never mind the limitless cavalcade of over emphasized caricatures presented in movies and TV.
 It was only recently that I came to understand that most false or negative impressions I might have had towards the Jewish people came from laughing along with them at their own perceived foibles. And since their the ones who painted these ill conceived pictures of themselves and their customs, of course your going to believe these portrayals. Believe them, laugh at them and repeat them. And in repeating them... your helping that stereotype grow.
It's not antisametic.
It's just osmosis.

Next we have the Rapper/Hip hop artists.
No one has propagated a more negative black stereotype of late than these urban poets. I call them "Urban Poets" because I personally do not consider them musicians. I do believe what they do takes talent, but it's not the same kind of talent.
They revel in glorifying the most negative aspects of culture.
Not just Black culture but all culture.
Why? Because it sells.
 If you listened only to hip hop, you couldn't help but buy into the complete lie that all young Blacks are into all things criminal.
 You have to wonder how if they consistently glorify drug, gang life, and even go so far as to suggest that being a pimp is a viable career path, than how can they possibly expect any kind of respect.
Unfortunately, there are many who can't see beyond the streetwise facade of most hip hop artists, who don't have the maturity to see anything but an overblown criminal who's unabashedly proud of his perceived badness. Add to this a few music videos where scantily clad women are paid to fall for their ruse... and need I say more?
And much like the aforementioned Jewish comedian, I'm sure the pursuit of the almighty dollar far outweighs any notion of preserving their races dignity.
Interesting note.
Having grown up in the 70s and 80s I can truthfully say that the "N" word was seldom heard, much less used as an adjective in popular culture. Ironic that these Urban Poets would be the ones to bring it back into vogue.
 I can only imagine how many career racists delight in this new generations willingness to belittle and glorify that word and it's meaning ...  And how many civil rights legends turn in their graves.
In my younger years, people would gasp at that words mention. A thing best left in the past, shameful and taboo...
And now... It's more prevalent than ever.
It no longer holds the weight it once did and so people think little of rattling it off-handedly.
Until Now...  it's just another word.

 It's perfectly understandable when someone from a third world country, who's government purposely restricts their flow of information, could formulate a negative opinion of other peoples and their beliefs.
If one version of a story is all your ever allowed to hear, then how could you ever imagine another?
When we call these people ignorant we are not using the word as an insult, but rather as a point of fact. If someone tells me I'm ignorant in the field of car repair, I cannot feel insulted, but rather resigned to the truth of it.
Such is the true evil of having complete Faith and Belief in anything without concrete proof. For simply put...
 Anything that demands blind faith without proof or can be subject to multiple interpretation, is in all likelihood a lie that doesn't want to be too closely examined.

And then there is C.
These are the inbred, backward, dead ends of our planet.
The people that are so afraid of their own  inadequacy that they cannot help but try to divert the focus to others.
I mean, you really must have to dig deep in today's world to be able to exclude any one race or cultures positive contributions and only see the negative. It really must take a massive amount of self enforced ignorance to be able to completely hate any one race.
It's kind of like the old saying.
 "It sure takes a lot of effort to avoid working for a living"
 Anyone who isn't able to understand that we couldn't survive as a species without each other is just plain stupid.

It's really simple.
Anyone of any race or creed can be a saint.
Anyone of any race or creed can be an asshole.
Once you understand these simple truths you can either stay blind and stupid or move forward enlightened.

"If your going through hell.......Keep going."

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