Saturday, November 28, 2015

Chicago: Get over it


 This weeks foray into the land of stupid and my inability to understand it, has to do with current events.
 Today's news had to do with the racial unrest in Chicago in respect to an overzealous Policeman's gunning down a  17 year old criminal 1 year ago.  
It's really hard for me to understand, because I don't see the big deal. 
I mean, the kid was a worthless punk and the Policeman in question wasn't fit for duty.
That should be the end of the story.

 1 year ago a young knife wielding punk was shot and killed. 
There was feigned public outcry and his family who were "grieving" wasted no time in getting a hefty financial settlement from the city of Chicago.
No big loss really.
Despite the Medea trying to gentrify him, it was clear that the boy in question was anything but a model citizen.
This kid had a long record of criminal activity, who, if the film of him robbing a convenience store was any indication, felt as if the law just didn't apply to him. 
He walked in, took what he wanted, and simply pushed the little shop owner out of the way as he laughed.
That's what a punk is. 
Someone... Black, white, green or Purple who feels that they can do and take what they want... When they want.
People, property... Nothing is given respect in their eyes. And yet these are the selfsame people who believe they deserve respect for some reason.

 The policeman, who over reacted in a big way, was just as mentally skewed and should have in no way been on duty, as he also had a long record of complaint.

The real crime here however as I see it, is the bringing of race into the situation.
Unfortunately, when something like this happens, the truth needs to take a back seat to the sensation.
And they'll always be hate-mongers of all colors who want nothing more than to whip our emotions in a frenzy.
That's the real injustice in this. 

Put simply...

An unqualified policeman shot a young criminal. 
1 less waste of life is on the streets - His family nicely compensated.
The officer - A frightened little man who should never have been given a gun- is now convicted.
And the city of Chicago has been chastised for not screening their men better.
End of story.

You'd think the focus now would be on implementing more non-lethal means of restraint like tasers or rubber bullets or a thousand other alternatives.
They could have easily used this incident to make the boys name a synonym for positive change in the way our police handle those kinds of situations. 
Disappointingly however, instead of moving forward and learning from this for the next time, we'll use our outrage and recourses to come up with catchy little phrases like "black lives matter"
I have also seen "Blue lives matter"
Both are true, yet sadly inappropriate in this situation.

The simple truth is that we live in a violent, dangerous world.
If you bring a knife to a gun fight you'll always end up on the losing end.
And finally...
If this boy hadn't been black it never would have made the evening news.

Glad I got that out of my system. 
Maybe now that I've written it down, I can watch TV without yelling at it.

"If your going through hell.......Keep going."

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