Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Legalizing mariguana will destroy America!

  Clearly the only people who can even consider legalizing the use of marihuana  for anything other than medical usage are those of unquestionable selfishness and stupidity.

  I have long said that the only ones who should be allowed to use pot recreationally are those in the entertainment industry as they really don't do anything important. 
  You see marijuana has one prominent effect.
  If a singer, actor or director becomes apathetic and decides that they don't want to go into work or that they only want to do half the job on a given day then their the only real person that suffers. I mean if a certain artist comes out with a bad record or movie they eventually disappear from the show biz landscape....no big loss.
  However, if the people who do the really important jobs in the world become "unmotavated"  You know who I mean. The person that cuts my hair, makes my hamburger or repairs my car is phoning it in then that effects me personally.
I don't know about anyone else, but the possibility of the person handling my medication at the pharmacy or hospital or being only marginally interested in doing a proper job scares the crap out of me!
I mean it's no coincidence that the popularity of marijuana coincided exactly with the dumbing down of America. To this day we have a large majority of the public who can't even be bothered to muster up the effort to speak the English language correctly.
  If anything, I would hope that any business owner at all would loath this possibility! Never mind the exponential increase in absenteeism, I would be more concerned with the overall quality of any product or service. 
I mean honestly. Would you buy a car made in Jamaica or Amsterdam? 
  Legalizing Pot will unquestioningly destroy the already questionable work ethic that exists in today's society. 
  I don't pretend to understand the always fluctuating information on the medical effects that Pot has on your body and so won't even try to enter an argument on that front. I'm far more interested in my personal future as an aging American. Having to depend on the coming drug induced generations  as I grow older and more personally dependent is a frightening possibility. Ending up immobile and dependent in a nursing home or assisted living community and having to depend on someone who's had prolonged exposure to a brain altering substance.
This however is a concern that only I seem to have. 
As with everything else, those with the ample financial resources to not have to worry about these trivial things will no doubt win out in the end, but Its my desperate hope that even one person with foresight reads and comprehends this fact. 
  Personally disappointing is the fact that my fellow Sci Fi nerds are actually going along with with this madness.
  I mean the basis of more science fiction novels than I can count is the widespread pacification of the masses of the lower casts. 

  Oh well, I guess well get what we deserve. 

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