Sunday, January 20, 2013

This weeks journey into the realm of epic stupidity Is entitled:


  Recently I went to hospital to drop someone off (I won'mention the hospitals name) and even though there are signs all around the perimeter stating that they are a"no smoking facility" there were several nurses huddled not too far away from the doors greedily puffing away. 
  Not only that, but neither one was weariness a jacket despite the temperature which was just above freezing. Needless to say, seeing two supposed health care professionals not only stupid enough to be smoking, but also not smart enough to be wearing coats, did little to support my confidence in their abilities as health care providers. 
  I mean, I find it hard enough to understand the average moron who smokes, but a doctor or nurse.........
  These are people who've supposedly had some form of medical training. You know people who've heard of things like Cancer, COPD, Tuberculosis. Things that you hope we're touched upon in their schooling. 
Unless they skipped that class.
  Makes you wonder what other things they may have missed or disregarded.
  Silly I know, but these are the kinds of things that go through a persons mind as they come into the medical purview. 
  And I'll tell you something else. Weather your a patient in a room who's been admitted, or sitting in a waiting room waiting, the one thing you have time for is.....thinking. And all manner of strange & offbeat things will enter your mind. Paranoia and introspection take over weather staring at a wall in a room, or trying to avert your gaze from the other equally disorientated people trying to avert their gazes.
  Unless those in the medical profession know something we don't, it's hard to imagine how they can be so overwhelmingly stupid. 
Imagine next that they have children watching & weighing their every move. What kind of impression does this convey?
You just have to wonder about their intelligence......Or lack if it.
Let me put it in different terms. 
  If you were watching a weight loss informercial with a 400 lb. host. Extolling the virtues of their miraculous and expensive weight loss product. How quick would you be to send your money?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Hello & welcome to the 1st entry in my blog.
I don't know why most people write these, but myself, I'm hoping to maybe get some sleep.
A type of self therapy.
You see I have thoughts. Nagging, reoccurring notions that continually stay with me like a great commercial jingle that pushes all other focus aside.
A way to get some of the things that frighten & amaze me on a daily basis off my mind ......and out of my head.
You see, like the old cliche, I do hear voices.....except their my own.